Initial Impressions: D&H Tactical 7.62×39 AR Magazine

As I mentioned in a post last week (link), a random post on Instagram brought these new magazines from D&H Tactical to my attention and I had to place an order to try them out. The order arrived yesterday and I wanted to share my initial thoughts on these new mags.

D&H Tactical magazine and BCM swag
D&H Tactical magazine and BCM swag

I don’t know who all will be carrying these mags but I purchased mine from Bravo Company USA. The order shipped quickly and the shipping was reasonable. They also included a handfull of BCM stickers in the box as well.

The first thing I noticed about the D&H magazines is the angle. It doesn’t show up well in the photo but the D&H magazine has a much sharper angle one the lower part of the magazine. This angle is required in 7.62×39 magazines because of the shape of the round itself. The case is significantly more tapered than 5.56 and the bend after exiting the magwell is required for proper feeding.

D&H on the left ASC on the right
D&H on the left ASC on the right

The difference in the angle is more noticeable when I laid the ASC magazine on top of the one from D&H.

ASC mag on top of a D&H
ASC mag on top of a D&H

I haven’t had the chance to test and if the sharper angle has an impact on reliability yet but I’ll do what I can.

Speaking of reliability, I am little concerned about the followers in this magazine. They tilt when pressed down…a lot. I can easily bind them up just pushing with my finger. The D&H is advertised as using an anti-tilt follower from MagPul. It doesn’t look like the MagPul followers in either my 5.56 or AK mags. The ASC magazine follower does not exhibit the same behavior. Will this be an issue in real world use? I don’t know but it does concern me.

IMG_4549 (1)
Follower comparison; ASC on the left and D&H on the right

The finish on the magazines seems really nice. It is a dark black that matches my AR pretty well. The photos don’t reflect the true colors of the mags and the rifle, just my poor photographic skills. The finish seems pretty durable but it will take some time to test that out.

D&H Magazine in my 7.62x39 AR
D&H Magazine in my 7.62×39 AR

The mags are also a little heavier than the ASC magazines. Both are steel magazines but the D&H are noticeable heavier and seems to be more solidly built.

In the limited testing I was able to do the D&H magazines worked just fine. I was able to load a full 30 rounds in the magazine but if I were betting my life on this weapon and magazine combo I would only load it to 28 or 29 rounds. When fully loaded there was a tendency to hang on loading the first round. Racking the charging handle or using the forward assist cleared the issue each time but…other than that all the rounds chambered and loader just fine and to be fair, this was consistent with both the ASC and the D&H magazines (as well as many 5.56 magazines).

Outside of my concerns about the follower, I really like these magazines. I can’t wait to get them out on the range and give them a more thorough going over and find out if that will be an issue.



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