Prepping? Are You Crazy?

For a variety of reasons I don’t identify myself as a “prepper.” For the most part I would prefer that no one, other than those closest to me, know that I am a “prepper.” There are a few reasons for that:

-It’s no one else’s business

-Should things go really wrong it could make me and my family a target

-There is a certain stigma associated with being a prepper

Yes, I do realize that the second item sounds somewhat silly considering I’ve just blabbed it on the Interwebz for all the world to see. However, there is a certain level on anonymity on the Interwebz and, to be honest, it won’t do someone in New Jersey much good to find out that somewhere in Texas there’s a guy who is a prepper. If he has the resources to travel seventeen hundred miles across the country during a disaster he has enough resources that he doesn’t need my stuff. So, I am willing to share more on this blog than I would with a co-worker or neighbor.

So, how about that whole stigma thing?

If I were to tell someone that I am a “prepper” most folks would probably think I was nuts. Somehow the idea of being prepared for the road bumps life and mother nature throw at us been transformed from being simple common sense to a crazy idea of the lunatic fringe. It wasn’t always this way. I doubt my grandparents and their generation ever heard the term “prepper.” Being prepared was just something ingrained in them; a survival mechanism that helped them through hard times like The Great Depression. No one in their generation thought that was crazy. It was just common sense to store away what you could for a “rainy day.”

Some would say that it’s those “wacko end of days preppers” that makes other preppers look “crazy.” I can understand that, but keep in mind that even the “Doomsday Preppers” are only doing what was encouraged just a few decades ago. It was within my lifetime that the US Government encouraged folks to build their own fallout shelters. As a kid, we had drills in school for nuclear attacks as well as fires. Every Friday at noon the air raid sirens would be tested (that would have been the time to attack, wouldn’t you think). While the threat of nuclear attack by the Soviet Union (Russia) may not be as great as it once was are we really any safer from nuclear attack/accident, pandemic, catastrophic natural disaster or terrorist attack than we were forty or fifty years ago?

So, do I have a bunker buried deep in a top secret bug-out location stocked with enough supplies to survive “The End Of The World As We Know It” (TEOTWAWKI)?


Why not?

Because, in order for me to afford such a set up would take far more than I am willing to part with. To achieve it I would have to live to prep instead of prepping to live. All of our time, energy and resources would have to into it and based on the probability of a situation that would require that level of preparation I’m willing to roll the dice and spend more time enjoying the life I have. That is my choice and I am not saying it is the right choice for everyone. It is, I believe, the right choice for me.

Rather that spending ALL my time prepping for such an event I look at the events that are fairly likely to happen. Living on the Gulf Coast are a fact of life and it would be foolhardy, in my opinion, not to prepare for another one. Now, here’s the cool part. If you are properly prepared for a hurricane, you are 95% prepared for just about anything short of a an end of the world type event.

In future posts I’ll drill a little deeper into what “Being Prepared” means. I’ll also provide updates on what I am doing to be more prepared.

God Bless


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