Surviving a Movie Theater Shooting

As we have seen over and over again, mass murderers like movie theaters. You have a mass of potential victims packed into a confined, dark space all distracted by the “picture show.” As a plus, many of these shooting galleries are “gun free zones” ensuring that potential victims can’t defend themselves.

Greg Ellifritz, offer some good insights on surviving such an encounter on his Active Response Training blog:

Last Thursday evening a man began firing rounds in a Louisiana movie theater.  He fired 20 rounds from a .40 Hi-Point pistol, hitting 11 people before killing himself when police arrived.  Have you ever thought about what you might do if you were engaged by an active killer while watching a film at a movie theater?  Here are some things you should be considering:

1) Choose your seats wisely…

2) Pick at least two exits…

3) Carry the right equipment…

4) Think about what else you will need to escape…

5) Training is important…

Do yourself a favor and read the article here.

Take care.


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