Interesting Reloading Videos

One of my goals for this year is to begin reloading my own ammunition. There are a lot of good, and not so good reasons to take up reloading and my reasons are probably a mix of both. Several of the calibers I enjoy shooting are relatively expensive. I would like to be able to load my own ammunition should there be another “run” on ammunition like we have experienced over the last few years or some other significant even that makes ammo hard to come by. It is something I have been interested in for some time and just find interesting. One of the main drivers is a revolver I inherited from my grandfather. It is well over a hundred years old and the only way to shoot it safely is if I can loads the rounds to a very specific specification.

In preparing for this challenge I have been buying the equipment as I can find and afford it and doing a lot of research…

a lot of research.

I’ve spent time with books and magazines but, for the most part, like learning so many things these days I’ve been spending a big chunk of my time on the InterWebz, specifically YouTubes, and I found a couple of videos that I’ve found to be particularly useful and interesting.

This first video is pretty long and a little slow in some parts but it’s one of the best videos I’ve found to walk me through the process from start to finish:

This second video is one I found particularly interesting. While just about every other video and reference cover the use of a reloading press this video covers something I never knew existed; a kit to reload ammunition that doesn’t use any sort of press.

With a “dead blow” mallet and the tools in this $40 kit from Lee you can reload just about anywhere and anytime. The make kits in several calibers for both pistols and rifles. To be honest, if I had seen these kits before I started buying equipment I would have started with one of these. I could have been reloading for and more importantly, shooting, my grandfather’s revolver months ago!

God Bless…


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