No, The Virginia Shooting Videos Are Not Fake

First, Prayers and condolences for those affected by yesterday’s shooting in Virginia.

Second, for those claiming the videos are fake…quit spreading your ignorance.

No, neither the reporter nor the cameraman seemed to notice the gunman walking up to them. Reporters and cameramen work in public. There are always people walking up to them, around them and behind them. Even in dangerous situations like riots you will frequently see reporters filing their news stories while all heck breaks loose around them. It’s part of the job. Besides that, do you know what the most common statement from the victims of violent crime is? Some variation of “I never saw it coming” or “he appeared out of nowhere.” People, as a norm, do not register things in their environment that don’t meet their expectation of normalcy. Such inputs are generally filtered out.

Some are saying that “based on the muzzle flash, the gun was firing blanks.” I’ll admit that I haven’t made a study of blanks fired from pistols nor have I conducted a definitive study of muzzle flash dynamics. I have shot thousands of rounds of various sorts of ammo through various handguns. I have watched slow motion videos of handguns being fired at least that many times and the one thing I notice in all this time is that there is little consistency in muzzle flash. Even will all factors being “identical” time, date, weather, handgun, cartridge, etc. I see tremendous differences in each muzzle blast.

They say that there is no brass being ejected from the handgun so it must be fake. I have taken and watch plenty of videos and, while I do see ejecting brass most of the time, that is not always the case. Besides, if the brass isn’t ejecting how does the firearm continue cycling and firing? Either it’s magic, a good special effects team that can add in all the workings of the gun and recoil but forget to add ejecting cases, or they just weren’t picked up by the camera.

Because the reporter didn’t start running until the third shot…humans take several fractions of a second to respond to a known and common threats like someone pulling in front of you in traffic. How much longer to respond to a threat that is completely unexpected and out of the norm?

There was not blood/the reporters wasn’t knocked down/did run away…if you believe that these things happen when someone is shot with a handgun you need to get you information somewhere other than Hollywood and video games. They are wrong 99% of the time.

This is dashcam footage of a real gunfight:

No one was thrown backwards, no spray of blood, the shooter never stumbled (except to pick up a dropped magazine) it doesn’t look like the shooter was even hit…except that he was. He was shot in the chest and the bullet destroyed his heart. He died within minutes of driving away. Without going to super slow motion you might never be able to identify the moment he was shot. Real world violence is nothing like the movies, television of video games.

I’ll step down from the soapbox now…

God bless


5 thoughts on “No, The Virginia Shooting Videos Are Not Fake

  1. People are saying it was fake? Wow. Glad I missed that bit of stupidity. Unfortunately, I think you’re right that people base their worldview on what comes out of Hollywood.


    1. I have, unfortunately, seen several versions of them. Seeing the level of willful ignorance in most of them is causing me to think some very un-Christian thoughts towards these folks…
      Thanks for stopping in and posting a comment!


    1. I’ve seen it. It is one of the two videos I’ve seen that inspired this post. These videos show a level of ignorance that absolutely amazes me. Worse, these tinfoil hat conspiracies only serve to distract people from the REAL threats to our freedoms.
      READ my post and using real proof and real logic refute my points.


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