Race Is A Lie

Race doesn’t exist.

There’s no such thing.

It’s manufactured concept.

Genetically, we can determine the areas of the world where a person’s ancestors came from but there is no dividing line between ancestral groups. The human race is a spectrum or continuum of genetic traits all sourced back to a single female, Eve (whether you believe in a Bible of study mitochondrial DNA research this is a truth). We all share a common African mother.

We are all cousins. There is NO genetic marker that identifies a human being as being of one race or another. What genetic markers that are there are mixed. All Americans who have been in this country for more than a few generations have African AND European genetic code.

From a visual perspective, there is still no clear line of distinction. Depending on how much I’ve been in the sun I can be darker than many who refer to themselves as black or brown. My grandmother’s eyes were as dark a brown as any I have ever seen and my grandfather’s hair was as tightly curled as many who identify themselves as black. If there is no genetic basis for race and since we can’t use a color wheel to determine race, then what are we really talking about?

We’re talking about “social tribalism.” People want to band together in groups and some have chosen to do so on a set of physical characteristics and call it race…Maybe Whatshername Dolezal and Shaun Whatshisface were actually on to something.

Since race is actually a fiction, I have decided to proclaim myself to be of the race: American.

Like other, so called, races we vary a lot in our physical characteristics and how we look but we can be identified by our beliefs. We believe that all men are created equal, are endowed by our creator with inalienable rights, we are individually responsible for our own actions and that our history does not define us. Our heroes include George Washington as well as Booker T. Washington, the Minute Men and the Deacons For Defense, as well as all those who have given their lives for our nation. We believe in working hard and pulling our own weight but helping those in need with charity and generosity. We believe the flag is an honored symbol of our nation and is to be respected.

Anyone else with me?

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