I had a chance to handle the new SIG Sauer MPX pistol in 9mm this last weekend. Unfortunately, I did not have a chance to shoot it only handle it. The one thing that stood out in my mind was how heavy it was. Although it is a 9mm it is at least as heavy, if not heavier than the 5.56 AR pistol I have…and that has a SIG brace attached, this did not.


I get that this was designed as a competitor to sub-guns like the MP5 and the weight might be of real value when going full auto. In fact, the MPX-P is slightly lighter than the MP5 but for those of us that will never own one capable of running at full giggle the extra weight is of no real value and from my (biased) point of view is a bit of a detriment.

I really love the idea of the pistol caliber carbine. The idea of sharing ammunition and, ideally, magazines between my long gun and handgun offers a lot of appeal even though there would be some trade offs when it came to range and power. For that trade off  to be worthwhile a carbine like this should also be lightweight, say 3 to 4 pounds. Given today’s technology when it comes to lightweight polymers and other materials this shouldn’t be that tough to accomplish.

Beretta CX-4 Storm

Beretta comes pretty close to this ideal with the CX-4 Storm but it is still overweight and would benefit from a threaded muzzle, collapsible or folding stock, better ergonomics and a decent trigger.

Maybe someday Glock, Smith & Wesson or another manufacturer will get on board and create the perfect Pistol Caliber Carbine. Maybe I’ll win the lottery and do it myself. Or, maybe not.

In the meantime, I’ll just keep my short barreled AR-15, after all if it will weigh the same and still require different magazines I might as well stick with a full blown 5.56 or even a 300 Blackout carbine or short barreled rifle.

What do you think?

God Bless.

3 thoughts on “First Impression: SIG SAUER MPX 9mm Pistol

  1. I like the idea, but find that the real value of the AR pistol is in the buffer tube. It gives another point of contact, making me much more accurate than I am with something like the AK pistol. So I’ll be passing on this.


    1. Gabe, thatnks for stopping by.
      Ultimately, when and if the political climate changes, I would like to SBR my AR pistol or build a new lower specifically for an SBR. I would also like to add a suppressor. Short barreled ARs, especially in an enclosed area, are amazingly and painfully loud. many indoor ranges around here don’t allow them and even some outdoor ranges frown on them.
      What are your thoughts on pistol caliber carbines?


      1. I’m on the fence about the pistol caliber aspect. I see some value, but really, 5.56 out of the same package gives me more distance, and the extra velocity causes the lighter bullet to break up faster inside houses, if what I read on the internet is true. 😉 It’s never been something that has been a serious option for me, due to the economics, so I haven’t pondered it all that much.

        Ordinarily, the most I’d need it for would be a day trip out and I could resupply then. (Assuming they weren’t in the evidence locker.) So the commonality of ammo argument doesn’t move me. If I had to gear up once in a very great while and live with that, then I’d give it serious thought. You’ve started my pondering juices flowing, so I’ll think on it a while. 🙂

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