Some Interesting (Disturbing) Things About The Virginia Shooter

First off, no, this was not a hoax or scam (see here). If you don’t understand how time stamps work on Twitter or have other thoughts as to why you think this was not real (and are willing to actually listen to logic and the facts) feel free to post them in the comments section and can discuss them.

Now, the real purpose of this post.

A number of findings about the murderer in this case (no, I will never mention his name).

  • Evidence of extensive planning – like many of these criminals he spent quite a bit of time thinking about and planning this crime. He did not “just snap.”
    • He rented a “get away” car over a month in advance and stashed it at the local airport.
    • He had three sets of stolen plates in the rental car.
    • He had wigs and women’s clothes with him to be used as a disguise to assist in his escape
  • He was prepared for resistance – although he took the cowards way out and ended his own life as police closed in on him he was prepared for a fight.
    • He had at least six extra magazines loaded and ready to go (magazine limits would not have changed the outcome).
    • He was wearing body armor, really, not just a molle vest. He apparently did actually have body armor on during and after the attack.
  • He recorded and broadcast the attack – This has raised the bar and expect this to become part of the new norm for these criminals. With technologies like Google Glass and ever smaller cameras combined with newer web technologies I fully expect some of the more tech savvy murderers will start live broadcasting their crimes as a matter of course.

To be honest, although they make the news for weeks incidents such as this are still pretty rare. You are far more likely to die in an automobile wreck or of medical mistakes that at the hands of an active mass murderer. I also have issues publicizing such crimes as that’s what these jokers want, but on the other hand, it does pay to understand their thought and planning process a little better. It might help us respond a little better should the odds go against us.

God Bless…

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