Today, is a day of remembrance. 

9-11-NeverForgetToday, we remember those who fell in the cowardly terror attacks on Washington DC and New York City.


Today, we remember those who fell to another cowardly attack in Benghazi.


Today, also marks another anniversary as well. One few people know about. On this day in 1683 the Battle of Vienna began. After two days of fighting a coalition of Christian nations defeated the Turkish army. This ended the Islamic advance into northern and central Europe. Had Vienna fallen, it is likely all of Europe would have fallen to Muslim forces. Instead, Christian lands in modern day Hungary and other Balkan nations were freed from Turkish occupation.

Today, is also a day of prayer

Today, I pray for those (of all races and religions) who died in the terror attacks on 9/11. I pray that our leaders have the wisdom to recognize the evil that is with us in this world and and the resolve to oppose it.

I pray for all those who sacrificed so much in the fight against evil. I pray for the loved ones left behind.

Mostly, I pray for our children. That they may know a world where threats to their lives and freedoms are only a memory…only a lesson in schoolbooks.

Today, should be a day of resolve

We should renew our resolve to forge a world where evil is no longer tolerated; a world where those who seek to divide us for their own gain will fail, a world where young men and women no longer heed the deceiver’s words of hatred, murder, rape, torture, slavery and oppression.

We should resolve to stand in the gap against all who would steal our lives and our souls.

We should resolve to love one another as if there is no tomorrow, because there may not be…

May God bless you and keep you safe on this day.


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