20150909_221237513_iOSThis old girl has been a trusted part of the family for almost thirty years. This was the first handgun I ever owned and may be the first handgun I ever shot (my memory is indeed fading). She’s a Beretta Model 21A in .22 long rifle purchased new with the assistance of my employer at the time.

The bakery I managed for him had been robbed and he was shocked to find out that I didn’t have a handgun. I had a carbine that I used for home defense but it would have been a little tough to conceal. After a lot of research I decided on the little Bobcat and taught myself how to use it (incorrectly, I would learn later). I carried it daily while working for that bakery and one day, as the officer had warned, the robber came back. This time we knew who he was and what he would do.

Realizing we knew who he was and that I was armed, the robber high tailed it out of the store but he made the mistake of taking the time to rob another local business. While I had held his attention the rest of the staff ran to the back and dialed 911. The end result is that the police were waiting as he rolled out of the business two doors down with his loot.

In addition to saving me from death or serious bodily injury (the creep like to beat male victims and we won’t mention what he did to female victims) my son and daughters learned to shoot with this little gun. They loved it. So did I.

A few years back I pulled it out of the safe and cleaned it up only to find out that it was malfunctioning. Up until that point, this had been amazingly reliable for a semi-auto in .22 long rifle. It took a while but I finally found a gunsmith I trusted to fix the old girl.

Now she’s back. I am assured she’s as good as new and, as far as I can tell, she is. To be honest, I can’t wait to take her out to the range and send some rounds downrange. I will probably never carry this little gun as a defensive firearm again but it’s nice to have an old friend back and fully functional.

God Bless

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