Greg Ellifritz Weighs In On The Best Loads For A Snubbie

SnubbiesGreg Ellifritz is one of my “go to” resources when it comes to matters of self-defense and in this article he weighs in on the snub-nosed revolver; ammo choice, ankle carry and the best way to carry extra ammo.

Some of his ammo recommendations are pretty predictable; Speer Gold Dot 135 grain Hollowpoint and Winchester Ranger 130 grain Bonded Hollowpoint but one may surprise you. We’re talking an old school recommendation, the standard pressure 148 grain full wadcutter target round. Read the full article here to see why.

He might ruffle a few feathers of conventional wisdom with his recomendations on how to carry a reload for the snubbie as well.

If you carry or use a small framed revolver like a Smith & Wesson J-Frame or the Ruger LCR for self-defense be sure and check it out.

God Bless.


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