Who Are The Good Guys In The Middle-East?

I have tried very hard to keep politics out of my posts and will continue to do so but this article really struck me for some reason and I wanted to share it and some thoughts on the larger implications.

If you don’t care to click the link, the bottom line is that a young man in Saudi Arabia (he was seventeen when arrested in 2014 has been sentenced to crucifixion for “participation in illegal protests and of firearms offences.” His uncle, an outspoken critic of the Saudi royal family was also been sentenced to die by crucifixion and was scheduled to die on 9/17. The Saudi government official response to concerns over this case is to maintain that all cases are tried “in accordance with Sharia law, and with strict fair trial standards observed.”

I don’t know if this young man is guilty or innocent. I don’t know if the punishment fits the crime (I suspect not). I do know that if this case is an example of Sharia law, I am all for every resolution to ban it in the US.

It also raises, yet again, the question of of who the good guys are in the middle-east? Saudi Arabia has historically been touted as an ally of the US, a moderate Arab state. But, how is this any different from what ISIS does? The atrocities of ISIS make the news and make the rounds of social media. We see Christians, non-Muslims and non-Sunni Muslims tortured and killed by ISIS, who also claim that this is in accordance with Sharia law, and we spend billions (with a B) on an air war against them and spend billions more to train a handful of fighters to battle them on the ground. When our “friends and allies” do exactly the same thing to their own people. How are they any different from ISIS?

Some would respond, well, ISIS are terrorists and pose a threat to the US?

Really? Well, riddle me this batman, who funds groups like ISIS and al qaeda? Who funds mosques around the world that radicalize Muslims and turn out fighters for these groups?

Saudi Arabia.

Not a very friendly thing to do…

This is not intended to be a bashing of Saudi Arabia specifically. Nope, my criticism reaches farther and wider than that. Compare most any country in the region to ISIS and you would be hard pressed to see much, if any, differences. The Pakistani government is about evenly split between support or terrorism and opposition. Non-Muslims and Muslims of the “wrong” denomination are persecuted every bit as vigorously as they are under ISIS rule. Iran, is wholly and unabashedly in support of terrorism against the West and non-Shia Muslims. Palestine? Both Hamas and the PLO are both terrorist organizations and have been since their inception. The fathers and grandfathers of the the current PLO were carrying out terror attacks on non-Muslims and British forces decades before any of these nations gained independence.

The key question here is, if they all hate us to some degree, all support terror to some degree, all treat their populations with seventh century brutality, who are the good guys?


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