A Prayer For Those Touched By Abortion

Lord Jesus Christ,

I pray for the souls of the millions of children who have been killed by abortion. Please take them into Your loving arms. Welcome them into Heaven and where they may be warmed and nurtured by Your perfect love.

I pray for the women (and men) who have sinned, either out of ignorance or arrogance, by taking the life of an unborn child. Lead them to understanding of the depth of their sin but also forgive them. Comfort them in the recognition of their sin and the guilt that it brings.

I pray for those who are, or will, contemplate this sin and I pray for their unborn children. I pray that You guide them and touch their hearts with Your eternal and perfect love that they will not fall to the temptation of evil.

I pray that good hearted people will care for and support those who are born unwanted. They they will open their hearts and welcome those children as Jesus would have.



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