An Amazing Story

Yes, I will admit that this story brought tears to my eyes.

Sarah and Eddie in 1940

The guys over at American Handgunner have an article about a young couple who were married just before the young man was shipped off to North Africa during WWII. The young man, Eddie, was issued an M1 carbine as well as a 1911A1 as his sidearm. Along the way the young man happened across a downed Nazi aircraft and in a moment of inspiration salvaged some of the plexiglass from the cockpit. From the plexiglass he fashioned a set of clear custom grips with a photo of his beloved Sarah underneath.

Eddie’s customer grips mounted to a new 1911

He carried the 1911 through the remainder of the war but kept the grips when he was shipped home. He kept them in a box until one of their daughters discovered them. With some help the grips were mounted on a new Springfield 1911. Along with a commemorative box of ammo and a reproduction of the holster he was issued in the army these were presented to the now not so young Eddie and his bride…

Sarah and Eddie in 2015

Yes, I am a little choked up again.

God bless…

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