Look what showed up in my email today:20150928_175514000_iOS

A few months ago Ruger announced a version of the SP101 in .327 Federal Magnum. At the time I said that I thought that was cool and all but bringing this caliber to the LCR is where things would get interesting and, apparently, that’s just what they have done.

On the plus side, the .327 caliber allows a six shot revolver in the same size frame and cylinder as a five shot .38 Special. One extra round on tap in the same form factor is always a good thing. On the downside, the LCR in .327 Magnum is about 3.5 ounces heaver than its .38 caliber sibling. I am assuming that the higher pressures generated by a magnum cartridge required Ruger to use the heavier frame of the .357 and 9 mm version of the LCR.

3.5 ounces or so may not seem like a lot of difference, depending on how you carry, but that makes this little revolver a little bit heavier than a Glock 43 with an extra round on tap.

Will I go buy one? Probably not.

Am I excited to see Ruger continuing to push the envelope on small carry revolvers? Yup. I honestly hope this little guy sells well and encourages more manufacturers (ahem, Smith & Wesson) to push the revolver envelope.

God Bless.


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