Someone smarter than me once said that the first rule of gunfighting is to have a gun and I completely understand and agree. I make every effort to always have a gun even if that gun is not what the “experts” say I should have. Quite often my “rule one” gun has been a .380 pocket pistol like the Ruger LCP or Glock 42. More recently these have (mostly) been replaced by the Glock 43 and Smith & Wesson 442.

The guys over at Gun Nuts Media recently published an article on another one of the J-Frame revolvers, the ugly step-sister to the 442 , the 638 as a “rule one” gun (link).

The, oh so, ugly 638 from the Gun Nuts Media article

While the author (Tim) does whine a bit about the recoil of the little snubbie and how hard it is to train with them regularly because they are so unpleasant to shoot I personally find them to be a lot of fun to shoot. My 442 is one of my favorite guns to shoot. Yes, I do agree that they are “expert guns” and require a fair amount of effort to shoot well but I really don’t find them unpleasant in any way.

What a pretty J-Frame looks like

Overall it’s a pretty good read and has some useful information and recommendations.

Check it out.

God Bless.


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