OpSec Vs. The Blog

One of my followers on FezBook commented on the information I shared about my ammo savings and the photo I shared of it both here and there.

He (rightly) pointed out that sharing such information can cause some serious problems. No one wants the enforcers of the current regime’s dictates showing up at the door. Nor, does anyone (in their right mind) want bad guys showing up to take what you have painstaikingly saved for your family’s well being.

For the most part, only my immediate family knows about any of of the plans or actions I have taken towards being prepared for life’s little (and big) catastrophes. I have gone all “dad mode” on my full grown children and even my mother for sharing more than I felt was appropriate. Yet at the same time I share quite a bit on the Internet…

Here’s is my thought process on that.

If you have the skills and determination dig beyond my chsen screen name and then find me in meatspace you probably have better and more lucrative ways of spending your time on than my meager provisions…most of which are probably much easier targets unless you also posses and a fairly high degree of training and firepower. If you have that level of skills in cyber- and meat-space, as well as the good, solid gear to go with it you probably already have more resources than you would get from targeting me.

The regime’s enforcers? Well, I’m sure they already know…and, again…I’m only a little fish and the pond is enormous.

What do you think? Does the risk outweigh the personal satisfaction of reaching and (hopefully) educating some others out there in the pond?

Leave a comment here or on FaceBook and let me know what you think.

God Bless


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