Greg Ellifritz on Helping Cops In Trouble

If you saw a police officer in trouble would you help? Would you come to his aid? Would you risk your life to try and save his?

Many of us would, or would like to think we would anyway.

Geg Ellifritz has some advice on how to come to the rescue of an officer in trouble, without getting yourself killed (link). There is a lot of good information but here are some high points:

  1. Carry a gun – (legally, of course) without one it will be tough to help him against an armed attacker
  2. Keep you gun concealed- as you approach the situation keep your gun concealed until it is time to shoot
  3. Identify yourself and ask the officer if he needs help – sometime it only appears that he does
  4. If you have to use your firearm conceal it or holster it as quickly as it is safe to do so – there will be more cops on the way and you don’t want them to mistake you for the attacker
  5. Don’t be surprised if you are disarmed and handcuffed when other officers arrive and don’t take it personally

I encourage everyone to read the article in full.

Take care and God bless…


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