Where Is The Outrage – Saudi Arabia

Last month I posed the question “Who Are The Good Guys In The Middle-East?” In that post I asked why it is that we consider a nation like Saudi Arabia to be the “good guys” but ISIS and Assad to be bad guys. They treat their own people and others in pretty much the same way so what makes one “good” and the other “bad”?

Another example of Saudi “justice” came to my attention this week.

Mr. Karl Andree

In this case it is not a native who is about to die from Saudi justice but a 74 year old British citizen named Karl Andree. It seems that, according to Saudi officials, Mr. Andree was found to be in possession of some amount of homemade wine, banned by Islamic law in the Saudi kingdom.He has been found guilty and has been in prison for over a year, however, that is not the full extent of his sentence. Nope, unless the verdict is reversed, he will be subjected to 350 lashes with a whip as part of his punishment. A punishment that, if carried out, will likely kill him.

This is an example of “justice” in Saudi Arabia again is yet another example of how similar the “good’ guys and “bad” guys are in that part of the world. Why should we attack one group for such behavior and ignore it in another?

Just something to think about…

God Bless


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