Testing (Another) New Holster

About a month ago I posted that I would be trying out a new holster (Testing Out A New Holster) from Knowledge Skills Gear (KSG), the Tucker.

The Tucker and G43
The Tucker and G43

The model I ordered was equipped with belt loops. I ordered it that way because I had never had a holster that used belt loops and wanted to try one out. A few weeks later I finally realized why I had never bought such a holster, I don’t wear belts all that often. Well over 80% of my waking hours are spent in cargo shorts and a t-shirt with no belt. This is one of the reasons pocket carry works so well for me. The bottom line is that in the weeks I have owned the Tucker, I had only worn it once…it was very comfortable that one time but I needed a holster with a clip if I was going to get any use out of it.

The fine folks at KSG were very helpful and offered to replace the holster for me (another example of great customer service by the way) but decided to place an order for a new one instead.

With no drama from the US Postal Service (for a change) the holster showed up in my mailbox today.

KSG Tucker with G43 (Actual Color)
KSG Tucker with G43
(Actual Color?)
Flip side of the KSG Tucker (not actual color)
Flip side of the KSG Tucker
(Actual color?)
KSG Tucker with clip and belt loops
KSG Tucker with clip and belt loops

The color is interesting. In some light it looks gray but in other light there is a definite greenish tint to the gray. Oddly enough, I captured both shades in different shots even though the lighting, backdrop and camera were the same for each picture.

Unfortunately today was probably the only day this week I’ll get out of the home office to give the new holster a try out in the real world. However, I have been wearing it for the last half hour or so after taking the pictures and it seems to be everything I had hoped it would be; light, compact and comfortable.

A full review will hopefully follow in a month or so…

God Bless



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