Jesus Was Angry…

I don’t know if it comes from the movies or just pop culture in general but there is a perception these days of Jesus Christ as meek and mild. Some even go so far as to repaint Him as some sort of milksop hippy.

That is simply not the case.

Jesus was raised by a carpenter and would have been expected to assist Joseph from a very young age. Think about it, there were no power tools back then. Wood was cut and shaped with hand tools, mostly of brass or iron. You don’t grow up sawing, sanding and shaping wood with such tools without developing considerable strength and stamina. He was a strong man and would have carried himself with strength.

Jesus taught His followers to love; love their God above all else and to love one another even as they loved themselves. He taught that part of that love was to serve one one another even as He washed the feet of His disciples. He lived the perfect example of love by suffering and dying for the forgiveness of our sins. As part of that perfect example He also corrected those who were sinning. After saving her from stoning, what did He tell the woman? You are forgiven but go, and sin no more. He even got angry at those He loved. Whether is it was the Pharisees and other religious leaders or the vendors who set up shop in the temple court he could and did get angry. With the vendors in the temple courtyard he even drove them out with a whip!

Jesus Christ was not the timid and meek modern portrayal. He was a strong man who stood up to the most powerful men of his time and told them, unequivocally, that they were wrong and needed to change their ways. He did not hide from His enemies or those who plotted to kill Him. He went into the desert to face Satan and his temptations head to head.

He was a man strong enough to stand up to hours of the most brutal torture Rome could devise and then forgive those who had inflicted it on Him.

Regardless of whatever the New York Times has to say, that is the type of man we should all strive to become…

God Bless


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