Goodbye Glock 26, Hello Glock 19

Several years ago I purchased a Glock 26. It was supposed to replace my Ruger LCP as my carry gun but, to be honest, it was just too wide for me to carry comfortably so it ended up as a bit of a safe queen. The LCP stayed in my pocket until it self-destructed one day at the range. It was replaced by a Glock 42 and, recently, a Glock 43.

Glock Family Photo 2015
Glock Family Photo 2015

For the last few months the G26 has been sitting on or next to my desk, sort of a bedside gun for my home office.

Turns out my son in law decided on a G26 for his carry gun and was in the process of shopping for one when I had an idea. I could sell him the G26 and use the money to buy another Glock 19. That way he gets a good deal on a lightly used but well maintained firearm and I get a firearm that is better suited to the current usage; win/win. He liked the idea and now I am the proud owner of another Glock 19. This one:

Glock 19
New Glock 19

One new Glock, two happy campers.

Now if I could just decide on some replacement sights for my Glock family…

God Bless

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