Gerber Bear Grylls Scout: Initial (and Final) Review

First off, I have a confession to make. I loose knives. I loose knives a lot. At least the knives that I carry on a regular basis. I also have a tendency to abuse knives in ways they were never intended to be causing the to break. I have broken or damaged a lot of knives. These are the reasons that I don’t buy expensive knives.

I generally have two different knives that are part of my everyday carry (EDC) gear. A small, discreet knife that conceals well, especially in dress clothes, and a larger heavier duty knife for the rest of the time. Until a week or so ago, my heavier duty knife was an Oso Sweet from Kershaw. It was sturdy and well made and, for the most part, I liked it. The one think I didn’t like was the uncoated blade. I live close to the coast, have a saltwater pool and tend to use the knife around a lot of odd chemicals. Uncoated steel blades tend to discolor or rust pretty quickly. This happened on the Kershaw pretty quickly. The blade was still in good shape and held an edge well it just looked like a junk pile knife.

In any case, I have misplaced the Kershaw. No idea where or how but it’s gone. Maybe it will turn up someday but in the meantime I needed a replacement. After way too much time looking at the “wall o’ knives” I really didn’t find one I liked but as I walked out I noticed a Gerber Bear Grylls Scout on a discount rack. I don’t usually buy “designer” knives but it was on sale and seemed to be a decent option. Better than the alternatives anyway. So, I bought it and here is what I think of it after a good 20 minutes playing with it.

Bear Grylls Scout from Gerber

Meh…So far, color me unimpressed.

20151027_201630702_iOS 20151027_201619166_iOS

It has most of the features I was looking for. It has a decently sturdy and sharp 3.24 inch coated blade. The grip has a non-slip material on it of some sort and seems to lock fairly securely.

From that perspective, it seems like it would be everything I was hoping for…but it’s not. Or at least it doesn’t seem to be. The knife is a lot lighter than I was expecting. It lacks the sturdy heft of the Kershaw. The handle is a bit thinner than the Kershaw as well so it doesn’t seem to fill the hand as well.

There is no assisted open on the Scout, something I didn’t realize I would miss.

The knife as a whole seems more cheaply made than I would have expected. When opening the knife it feels gritty. A few drops of machine oil helped a bit but it is still rough as the blade rotates. The materials in the handle also seem cheap.

Will it do the job? Will it last (at least until I loose it)?

Only time will tell.

I wrote this post last week and I’m only now getting around to posting it. In that time I have made my mind up on this knife.

It’s going into the unused knife bin.

As I mentioned above the knife does not open smoothly. Even after applying lubricant it is very gritty and binds while opening. The end result is that when using the thumb stud on the blade to open the knife about three times out of five my thumb ends up making contact with the serrations on the blade. The contact was never enough to draw blood but it was definitely enough to cut into the skin a little bit. This could be quite dangerous if my hands are wet as they frequently are when working outdoors.

The bottom line is, this is not a knife I will be using and it is not one I will recommend.

God Bless

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