Gather In A Time Of Plenty

My Grandparents were raised during The Great Depression and it had a huge impact on them. One of the attitudes ingrained in them from living during that time was stock up on things when prices were good. My Grandmother, in particular, was a master of the sale papers. Using these as her maps, she would plot a path through the various grocery stores and department stores that would have left our hunter-gatherer ancestors in awe. Growing up in their home I picked up on these habits and internalized them.

So, it is with this ingrained habit of stocking up for rainy days that I suggest that now is a great time to stock up on firearms, accessories and ammunition. The supply of firearms, parts, accessories and (for the most part) ammunition is better now than it has been since the current administration was elected and the prices are reflective of that.

If you want an AR pattern rifle (or think you might at some point) now is the time to act. Supply is so high right now that ARs are cheaper and easier to find than AKs. As I have mentioned before, now is the time to stock up on ammunition as well.

Don’t kid yourself into believing that these “good times” will last either. We are never more than one election or one tragedy away from another bout of shortages. Guns, accessories, parts and ammo are all durable goods that will last decades to come (if properly stored). So now is the time to gather and save for those lean times.

God bless.


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