Thoughts And Prayers For The People Of France

As I was walking into the grocery store this evening to pick up a few items for dinner my phone started going crazy; news alerts about tonight’s attacks in Paris…

I finished the shopping and said a quick prayer for the 10 people reported as killed at that point. By the time I made it home and turned on the news the count was up to 100 and as I turned off the news the number was over 150. No one has any idea what the final numbers will be and it doesn’t really matter. Way too many lives were stolen or shattered by these terrorists.
In some ways this attack felt far more personal than some of those in this country. I have never been to New York, Boston or Chattanooga.  I did, however, spend two weeks working in Paris several years ago and many of the locations shown in the news reports were among the places I had visited with my wife and co-workers.

If you listen to the talking heads on the TV this attack was the equivalent of a special forces operation; carried out with “methodical precision” and “advanced technical capabilities.” Um, yeah, maybe these reporters need to learn a little about the subjects they decide to pontificate upon.

This attack followed a similar pattern to what we have seen in other attacks, most specifically the Mumbai attacks. The weapons were full auto AKs, grenades and suicide vests. Not particularly high tech. AKs have been used in several of the attacks across Europe in recent years including the recent train attack. Other than the effectiveness, there was really nothing special about these attacks. In fact, this is exactly the type of attack that experts here in the US have been warning about for years.  The scary thing is, there is almost no way to defend against such attacks.

I do know that I will be carrying a little more firepower and an upgraded med kit. Can I stop a fanatic with an AK armed with only a handgun? Maybe…maybe not.  But I know I’ll have a better chance than if I were disarmed. I also know that I would rather die fighting than cowering in fear and hoping for mercy from such a lunatic.

Dear God, have mercy on the souls of those killed in these horrible attacks. Please comfort and strengthen those injured and those who have lost loved ones. Bless the leaders in France, and around the world, with the courage and wisdom to guide their nations through these times. In Jesus’ name. Amen


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