Trip Report: Annual Guys Weekend

As I have mentioned before, we have an annual tradition for all the guys in the family to head out on a hunting trip once a year. There is a high fence, exotic game ranch in north Texas that is our traditional destination and we have a ton of other traditions associated with the trip as well. For example, I usually make a big batch of chili with at least some of the meet from the previous year’s hunt.

In a lot of ways this year’s trip was a bit of a bust.

Unfortunately, my son and two of my sons-in-law had to miss this year for various reasons. I made the trip with only one of my sons-in-law (we’ll call him Bigfoot). While we really missed having everyone else along, Bigfoot and I are really the ones that started this tradition so it was nice getting back to beginnings. To be honest Bigfoot and I, in no small part because of these trips, are a lot closer than most son-in-law/father-in-law combos. He’s a good guy and in a lot of ways he is more like a son than a son in law.

Bigfoot settling into the cabin
Bigfoot settling into the cabin

The weather, as it is want to do on such trips, didn’t cooperate either. Between the flooding and storming the hogs were nowhere to be found. I saw a few hogs on our last evening hunt but they were mixed in with some high dollar exotics. We may be close to the owner of the ranch but not close enough to get away with killing a $4500 deer and not having to pay for it.

Take the shot over the head of a $4500 Elk? No
Take the shot over the head of a $4500 Elk? No

So, we had bad weather. Almost no one showed up. My son was supposed to make the chili and since he had to cancel last minute there was no chili. We didn’t shoot any hogs so the trip was a bust, right?

Not hardly.

One of our traditions is to swing by a local butcher in town and pick up some amazing rib-eyes, about two inches thick, and grill them over the fire. That is about the only thing that went according to plan.

An amazing rib-eye steak dinner
An amazing rib-eye steak dinner

While we didn’t have chili, the butcher was more than happy to supply some great pork chops that were also cooked over the campfire.

Pork chop heaven
Pork chop heaven

And yes, we are pretty boring with the sides, grilled potatoes and beans.

Between the drive up to north Texas and back, one evening hunt together in the stand and plenty of time by the campfire Bigfoot and I were able to spend some good time together. We hunted, we prayed, we laughed, we talked, we cooked and (of course) we ate together.

Was it a successful hunt? No

Was it a good trip? You bet.

God Bless.


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