A Short Rant…

Let’s recap the last couple of weeks: Islamic terrorists kill over 200 on a Russian jetliner in Egypt, over 40 in a suicide bombing in Lebanon, over 100 in the Paris attacks, over 30 killed in a suicide bombing in Nigeria yesterday, and there was another suicide bombing in Paris overnight (no fatalities reported yet). All of these from memory alone, no research involved.

But the real problem is that Christians are intolerant and hateful…

Not an act of violence in the name of Jesus Christ

So, riddle me this Batman, how many human beings were shot, blown up, gassed, burned alive, crushed under tank treads, beheaded, drowned, dragged to death, stoned, crucified, raped, enslaved or dropped off buildings in the name of Jesus Christ this year?


2 thoughts on “A Short Rant…

    1. Unfortunately, I believe we are entering a time when our faith will truly be tested. Tested in ways not seen in the Western world for centuries. We may well be facing true persecution and even martyrdom in our own countries in the ear future. It saddens me what my children and grandchildren will face.

      Many will turn away during those times but I have to ask myself if any truly believed to begin with…


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