A Disturbing Concern

Something very disturbing happened to me yesterday. I was cautioned (by someone who cares for me) to be careful what I post on FaceBook, this blog and elsewhere. She was concerned that it would lead to repercussions either in the form of physical violence or professional retribution in some way.

The very fact that this is a concern for an American citizen is a sad commentary on the state of our nation. It is also a telling statement about the mindset of those who adhere to or support a certain ideologies and religious beliefs…

For all the talk about peace and Islamic terrorists not representing all Muslims (they don’t, by the way) there are enough adherents to and supporters of that faith that would react with violence or attacks that it becomes a concern for the average American citizen. A concern that would lead some to censor their own First Amendment rights and caution others to do the same.

All humor aside, when we do that the enemy, the true enemy, wins.

My first reaction to that warning (again, this wasn’t a threat it was a concern from someone who cares about me and my family) was typical for a crotchety old guy;  “bring it!” Maybe I watched too many John Wayne movies as a kid. My second reaction was fear, not for myself but for my loved ones. These cowards would probably target easier victims, maybe even my grand kids…

To be honest, that put things in a whole different perspective for me.

There was no more joking or bravado. Concern and anger replaced it. As I write this fourteen hours later I’m still angry.

Angry that this evil has won even these minor victories. Angry that my nation is not what I once believed it to be. Angry that exercising my First Amendment rights can put my loved ones in danger.

I am, honestly and truly concerned. I am, honestly and truly angry. But, I will not be swayed. I will continue to stand for what I believe in. I will not be silent and I pray for God to protect those I love…

God bless


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