An Even More Disturbing Concern

Time and time again, national security is used to justify violations of who we are as a people AND our own Constitution. Terrorist threats DO NOT justify violating our Constitution. Spying on all Americans is unconstitutional and wrong (Mr. Christie) and a national Muslim registration database and mandatory ID card is too (Mr. Trump).

We have to recognize the threats we face and deal with them honestly. Denying that Islamic terrorists are in any way related to Islam is a lie. Worse, it is a lie that prevents us from addressing the problem.

However, we should take great pains that we do NOT have to become what we are (or should be) fighting against. Condemning ALL Muslims and taking away their rights is wrong. If we give up what make us Americans, our freedoms and our Constitutional rights, or take them from others we have lost and our enemies have won.

God bless


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