Bearing Arms Blog: Ten Ways To Avoid Being Killed During A Terrorist Attack

Paris 2015
Paris Bistro 2015

The folks over at The Bearing Arms Blog have a quick (and high level) overview of ten ways to avoid being killed in a terrorist attack, here are the highlights:

1. Realize it WILL happen here
2. Always carry a concealed firearm where legal
3. Improvised weapons are within reach
4. Know where exits are located
5. Act decisively
6. Be alert to people and unusual circumstances
7. If you see something say something
8. There is one more bomb/attack/assailant
9. Have a basic understanding of trauma medical care
10. Trust your intuition

I would encourage everyone to read the full article here. I would also suggest sharing this with family and friends.

Based on this article my family has a new little pastime when we are in public based around increasing our awareness levels. At any point in time anyone of us can challenge another member of the family to check their situation awareness. We can challenge based on what improvised weapons are in reach or close by or where the nearest exits are located. We’re still working on ways to challenge each other to be more aware of unusual behavior and circumstances. If you have any suggestions please feel free to leave them in the comments.

God bless.

4 thoughts on “Bearing Arms Blog: Ten Ways To Avoid Being Killed During A Terrorist Attack

  1. We live rural, very rural, so we don’t go to many populated areas. In light of recent events this includes staying away from malls, Wal Mart and really any populated area that might be targeted.
    If you live in a more populated area I would advise caution.

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  2. We live in the suburbs of a major US city. There is a very large population of potentially radicalized individuals here. We will be very selective about where and when we go shopping as well as the events we attend. The more crowded areas especially those that are “gun free” will be few and far between.
    Take care and thanks for stopping in and commenting.
    God Bless


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