The Giving Of Thanks

For a lot of people in this country Thanksgiving is all about food, football and Black Friday sales. At best, people will throw out a quick “I’m thankful for all my stuff and the people in my life” at the end of the meal without really giving it much thought. For me, Thanksgiving is a time of food and family to be sure but it is more than that as well. I really try and take some time during the holiday season, starting with Thanksgiving, to think about not only what I am thankful for but also who I am.

For me, the things I am most thankful for are the things I deserve the least; my salvation and the forgiveness of my sins, my wife and family, and our material blessings. This is all the same stuff pretty much everyone comes up with at the dinner table but I take it a little further as we progress through the season and look for ways to be more deserving of those things.

By the time New Years rolls around I have these refined into a set of resolutions (like most everyone else) to be a better person in the next year. Mine are are based on becoming more deserving of the things that I deserve the least.

Make any sense?

I still come up with the same basic resolutions as most everyone else but they are rooted in a deeper understanding of how truly undeserving I am of the blessings I have received. For me this is an eye opener and results in a much deeper motivation to actually make the changes I resolve to make at New Years.

I know I can never be truly deserving of all He has done for me and given me but every year I try to be a little more deserving, a little more faithful and a little better person…

God bless and Happy Thanksgiving.


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