A Short History Lesson

A brief history lesson on Islamic expansionism:

Islamic expansionism began in 622 when Muhammad and his followers began raiding the caravans of their adversaries from the city of Mecca. At this point the entire Muslim population of Saudi Arabia numbered only  few hundred while around 30% of the population was Christian or Jewish. Within ten years the entire Arabian peninsula had been conquered by Muhammad and his followers and expansion began into the rest of the Middle-East, Africa, Asia and Europe. By 750 Islamic forces had conquered all of North Africa, Portugal, Cyprus, most of Spain and part of France. Iraq, Iran, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Afghanistan and part of India and modern day Turkey had also been conquered.

Islamic conquests by 750

By 902 parts of Italy had also been conquered and central Italy including Rome had been sacked.

For around seven hundred years the Spanish fought to reclaim their country from the invaders and would not complete this effort until 1492. In Eastern Europe the Islamic wars of conquest continued unabated until September 11, 1683 when the Austrians and Poles defeated the Turks at the gates of Vienna.

Battle Of Vienna

This was the turning point in the wars of Islamic conquest and much of the Balkans and many other areas were liberated over time. It was only after the defeat of the Turkish Empire during WWI that the west gained a position of clear military superiority over the Islamic world.

During the Islamic conquests, non-Muslims were treated in exactly the same way they are under ISIS today; persecution, torture, rape, and servitude or conversion.

Additionally, many of the most horrible parts of European history are tied to Islamic threats. The Spanish Inquisition was (to a great degree) driven by threats from Muslim terrorists and collaborators. Have you ever wondered why a Serb killed an Austrian Arch Duke, starting WWI? The Serbs are descendants of Islamic conquerors and collaborators who were re-conquered after the Battle of Vienna by Austrian and Polish forces. The Balkan wars in the 80’s and 90’s were driven by hatreds and atrocities (by both sides) during the Islamic invasions and subsequent reconquest of this part of the world.

This storm has been here for almost 1400 years…

God Bless


4 thoughts on “A Short History Lesson

  1. Good summary. If you’re interested in a good historical read, check out “White Gold – The story of Thomas Pellow” http://amzn.to/1Nld5Jl The parallels to today are incredible; I suppose that’s because human nature doesn’t change.

    It really highlighted the need for men to be men. Europe in general was so anemic that Islam was able to bully them for centuries.

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