Record Breaking Black Friday (For Guns)

As I understand it, as a whole Black Friday 2015 was not much to write home about, however, that may not be the case across the board. According to an article over at Breitbart (link) Black Friday 2015 (once again) shattered records in terms of gun sales.

The FBI performed over 185,000 NICS check for firearms purchases on Black Friday this year. Breaking last year’s record of 177,000 which broke the 2012 record of 175,000 NICS checks.  That does not mean there were 185,000 firearms sold that day. NICS checks are required per purchaser not per firearm and not every NICS check results in a OK to purchase so based on previous trends that 185,345 checks probably translates into somewhere over 200,000 firearms sold…that day.

That’s enough to equip every member of the Swedish and German armed forces.

Go team USA!

God bless.


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