Something’s On My Mind

Do you ever just have that feeling that something bad is about to happen?

I just can’t shake it or let go of it. I know I need to give it over to God but it’s tough…

God bless and good night.


9 thoughts on “Something’s On My Mind

      1. Congress being urged to pass confiscation gun legislation by Christmas by Obama, as he hates the holiday of Christians. If so, expect there will be shots fired all around the nation as the American Revolution Part-II takes place. Obama has been nothing but a troublemaker from Day One.
        Stay calm with the family issues as someone must be level-headed and possessing leadership based upon facts backed up by demeanor or strength. Consider it as a sword being heated in a forge, then struck by the blacksmith (God) on the anvil, and quenched in ice water. Shocking? Yes. But always, strengthening the steel. Best of Luck.

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