Americans Are Buying Guns In Record Numbers (Still…Again)

The FBI has released the overall stats for the number of NICS checks in November and the numbers are impressive. There were 2.243 Million NICS checks performed in November of 2015. That is a new record and is over 230,000 more that the previous record for November set in November of 2012 (2.01 million). At this point, if all gun sales were stopped in the US it would rank as the third busiest year for gun sales since the NICS system was put in place with 19.83 Million NICS checks performed.

If the current trends continue, and there is nothing to indicate that they will not, this will very likely be the busiest year on record for firearms purchases; topping the 2012 high of 21,096,273. In fact, terror attacks and the cries of politicians for more gun control drive sales even higher.

Of course the usual disclaimers apply not all NICS checks are for firearms purchases, there is only NICS check per transaction not per firearm, not all transactions are approved, in many states holders of concealed carry permits are not required to have a NICS check performed, etc. but no matter how you count it, that’s a lot of firearms.

Maybe he said it, maybe not but it is still not far from the truth

Behind every blade of grass indeed…

God bless and stay safe.


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