An Exercise In Terror (Tracking)

I don’t have the financial or personnel resources of the government or the NGOs but I thought it would be interesting to start logging the terror attacks I see in the news. I keep hearing about how many white people, Christians, etc. are committing acts of violence I wanted to see what the facts were. So, starting today I am going to try and log each terror incident that comes across my news feed. I will categorize them based on the what religion they are committed in the name of. I will post liks when the sources are public. Purely secular attacks will be omitted. Attacks in Israel will also be omitted as well. Yes, I think they are important but I don’t what the conversation sidetracked. I will also log any mass killings in the US for comparative purposes.

I absolutely understand that this is not scientific. I understand that the process is somewhat flawed. If I miss one I invite you to send me a message or comment to let me know that I missed one. The page is up can be found here with the updates from this morning.

By the way, there were two terror attacks in my feed; one in Bangladesh and one in Chad both by Islamist groups.

Chad Suicide Bombing

God bless



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