The Power Of The NRA Revealed

Next time you hear a politician talking about the all powerful NRA and their “Jihad on America” and how many lives were lost as a result please remember a few FACTS. Planned Parenthood spent TWICE what the NRA did on direct contributions. Pro-abortion group, Emily’s List spent twice what the NRA did on all political contributions and lobbying. The Teacher’s Union spent 19 times as much on lobbying as the NRA and the SEIU spent 24 times as much as the NRA. Financially, the NRA is a tiny fish in Washington politics.

The only reason the NRA has any power whatsoever is the 5 million American voters who paid their dues to become member and are vocal with their politicians in in their defense of the Constitution.

God Bless

15 thoughts on “The Power Of The NRA Revealed

      1. liberal? lost debate? i guess your perspective is marked by arrogance and pre-determined conclusions. so why debate? and there was no name-calling: the whole idea of refusing to control guns is plain crazy. truth is, the lack of gun control is uncontrolled guns.


      2. There are thousands of laws on the books today that regulate the sale and possession of firearms. The current administration has chosen not to enforce them. So they could be controlled if the administration did its job. When asked why the justice department’s prosecution on existing gun laws had fallen to an all time low Holder said because they didn’t have the resources. He could not answer how they expected to enforce additional ones.
        What is your suggestion for gun control?

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      3. The president, as the head of the executive branch, determines how the resources approved by congress are allocated. Previous presidents with smaller budgets made it a priority. If this really is about saving lives he could enforce the existing laws. Other presidents have.

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      4. no, congress is the branch that can’t fulfill its basic function and vote a budget without shutting down gov’t and sending home honest, hard-working feds.


      5. Which has nothing to do with the law enforcement or judicial functions. Those still operate even in a shutdown.

        Having worked for two federal government agencies I can’t say that honest or hardworking described very many of those I met in those two agencies.

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      6. Odd since the OMB has specifically stated “The FBI must be able to continue existing investigations, open new investigations, and respond to all contingencies which might arise during a lapse of appropriations. Accordingly, all FBI agents and support personnel in the field are considered excepted from furlough.”

        The same is true for other law enforcement and security functions.

        Here is a link to the OMB memo on the Whitehouse site:

        And here is a nice article on a self-proclaimed leftist site on the subject:

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      7. scrimping along on meager budgets, and leaving nothing at all to enforce the question at the outset of this debate. thanks again, congress.


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