A Prayer For Islamic Terrorists

I posted my prayers for those affected by the attacks in Paris. I kept my prayers for those affected by the attacks in California private. Now I want to do something that may anger some and and some will find odd. I want to publicly pray for Islamic terrorists around the world…

Yes, you read correctly.

Jesus Christ forgave and prayed for those who conspired against Him, those who tortured Him and those who killed Him. We, as Christians, are called to live as He would have us live. It is easy to pray for those you love and for those on your side but as Christians we are called to pray for our enemies and our oppressors and that is definitely not easy…

Lord Jesus Christ, only begotten son of God, author of our salvation, I pray for those who follow the false gods of terror and oppression. Please Lord, touch their hearts, show them the error of their ways and bring them to the path of righteousness. Help them to see the sinfulness of their ways and to repent. Help them to discover the grace and peace that can only come through You.

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on their souls and forgive them their sins. 

In Jesus’ Holy name, Amen.


2 thoughts on “A Prayer For Islamic Terrorists

  1. there is only one Islam and certainly not a western tagged Radical Islam. as there is only one Christianity not the other Radical Christianity. so the Trump has definitely fueled a short term driven but strategically designed, ill fated, one sided political farce. i don’t practice religion, but i stand with basic Truth. Islam is an Anti Terrorist religion. to know the Islam, read & understand Battle of KARBALA. it is the actual line of identification between the True Islam & the Fake Islam.
    Battle of KARBAL is battle against Terrorism. ISI & its anti Islamic monarch Saudi supporters are imposing a hijacked & fake Islam in the world. USA, Israel, CIA, Trump…all know this. but the basic problem is to justify their hollow existence & control the world order by hook & crook.
    mob gets carried away by such ill intended propaganda war.. so stop & understand the Truth. it will take little courage and some quest for knowledge…but that’s the way to support and stand with a better and transparent Human world order. [rj]


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