Up until recent times, the community understood that it was the duty of every able-bodied man to be trained, armed, and prepared to defend his family, community, and nation.
-Paul Markel

Duty almost seems to be a dirty word these days. Everything seems to be about what we think we are owed. Whether it is “safe spaces,” free college, a $15 per hour wage, safe neighborhoods, equality, healthcare, birth control, or abortions everyone seems to think they deserve something and someone else should provide it. Americans today seem to believe that they are born with a balance sheet of debts owed to them.

Sorry folks. No one owes anyone anything. No one deserves anything just for existing.

What we have are obligations, responsibilities, duties, call them what you will. What we have an obligation to follow the law, a responsibility to care for those in need, a duty to provide for and protect ourselves and each other.

If we pass those responsibilities off to the government we also pass off our rights. You can’t have both, at least not for long. We return to the feudal system where we, as peasants/serfs, are bound to the lord of the manor and his minions and subject to their whims. We trade off our responsibilities and give someone else control of our lives in return for (generally empty) promises of peace and plenty.

If we are to be free we need to be take on our responsibilities, our duties, and stand for and with ourselves.

God Bless.


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