Ruger Announces the GP100 in .22 LR

Just received an email that Ruger is releasing a GP 100 chambered in .22 LR.

Ruger GP100 in .22 LR

I have to say this is one good looking revolver. I like the cushioned rubber grips (probably not needed with a 42 ounce revolver chambered in .22LR) with wood inserts, adjustable rear sight and a fiber optic front sight.

It’s a ten shot cylinder, which is nice and has a half-lugged 5.5 inch barrel. This should be a very nice shooter and at an MSRP of $829.00 it better be. I also hope it can light off rounds more reliably than the LCR I have in .22LR.

Ruger LCR in .22 LR

To be completely honest I love to see a major manufacturer offering .22 LR revolvers, especially ones so nicely equipped. But between this and the SP101 in the same caliber, I’d prefer the smaller, lighter 8-shot SP101.

Ruger SP101 in .22 LR

God Bless


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