Terror Tracking Log (Update)

Ten days ago I decided to conduct a little exercise in tracking terrorism around the world (link to Terror Attack Log). I committed at that time to scan all my news feeds and create a list of terror attacks. As I mentioned in my original explanation of the exercise, (An Exercise In Terror (Tracking), I understand that this is not a scientific approach and there will be a certain amount of error involved. I also chose to exclude terror attacks in and on Israel, as I said before not because I don’t think that they are important but just to avoid clouding the issue with the political aspects associated with that situation.

So, what have i found so far?

In the last ten days I have found 19 terror attacks committed by Islamic terrorists. There has not been a single day that there was not a terror attack by Islamic terrorists. These numbers do not include another five to ten attacks that were most likely committed by Islamic terrorists but there was not proof or claims of responsibility at the time I researched the incident. The attacks have taken place on three continents; Africa, Asia and Europe. Almost none of them were covered by the US mainstream news media. Of those that were the source of the attacks was generally not explicitly stated. I have learned many of the mainstream media euphemisms to avoid identifying the source of such attacks. They are generally referred to as “militants” but I have also seen theme refereed to as “sectarian violence” and Islamic Imams associated with these attacks referred to as preachers. Just about any euphemism is employed, especially those that could associate the attack with Christians.

Hindu Temple Attack in Bangladesh

In fact several incidents that, based on the title, I initially assumed my be acts of Christian terrorism turned out to, in fact, be Islamic inspired. At this point I have yet to find an incident of Christian, Hindu or Buddhist terrorism. I know they happen but I have not found any to document in the last ten days…

Overall, in the last ten days over 250 people have been killed by Islamic terrorists and over 500 wounded. Syria, Chad, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria are the countries with the most casualties in the last ten days.

At this point, I am am not trying to post any conclusions or opinions just sharing facts that may not be easily found in mainstream news sources.

I am not sure how long I will continue this effort. It takes a pretty fair amount of time and I have a lot going on right now but I would like to do it for at least a month (30 days).

God bless.


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