What Did You Prep This Week?

This has been some kind of week, I tell you. If it wasn’t for the strength of Jesus Christ I would have been lost. I have been fighting a bad case of bronchitis that has been really trying to turn into pneumonia. dealing with that while doing a job that requires talking to customers on a daily basis is a bit tough. On top that my new grand daughter was born and was immediately placed in the NICU for low oxygen levels and fluid in her lungs. That’s not very conducive to resting and healing.

Fortunately, our prayers were answered and mommy and daughter are both home and doing fine. A special thanks to everyone who helped by praying for the little one. You know who you are and you are all amazing.

Plus, after another trip to the doctor and another bunch of expensive medicines I think I’m finally on the road to recovery.

But what did I prep this week?

Surprisingly, quite a bit.

For the last year or so we have been pretty comfortable with our food storage situation. Between our main pantry and our emergency pantry we have been able to work out a system for maintaining a 30 to 45 day supply of food on hand. We did dip into it a bit when I was unemployed at the beginning of the year but we recovered pretty quickly and having the pantry really helped us save money during that time. Between that, cutting all extraneous expenses and going to minimum payments on anything we could allowed us to get through that with very little financial impact. That was for just the two of us.

Now we want to up the game a bit and set up an long term storage solution for some basic staples like rice and beans. We want to extend our emergency pantry idea with another 30 to 60 days of staples for ourselves and our oldest daughter and her husband who have recently moved back in. We have decided to store these items in sealed Mylar bags stored in five gallon food grade buckets topped with gamma lids. I ordered my first batch of bags, oxygen absorbers, a bucket, and a lid. To help fill the first bucket we also purchased 15 pounds of dried pinto beans. We’ll pick up more beans and be ready start experimenting with the sealing process before the rest of the supplies arrive. Hopefully this works as well as everyone assures me it does and we can get the ball rolling on this project.

From a self-defense perspective I found a good deal on 200 Rounds of 9mm self-defense ammunition and took advantage of it. My son in law and I combined our orders so we could share the shipping cost and make it an even better deal; about $25 per box of 50 rounds. In addition, I purchased 150 rounds of Winchester NATO 9mm. This means I have reached my savings goals for 9mm ammunition. Now it is time to start building my savings of  5.56 and 12 gauge. To pack it all away neatly, I also picked up another .50 call ammo can for long term storage of ammunition.

Speer Gold Dot 124 Gr 9mm
Speer Gold Dot 124 Gr

I generally carry a single stack Glock 43 for self-defense. It is a good size and conceals well. The down side is that even carrying an extra magazine that only leaves me with 13 rounds to deal with potential threats. 99.99% of the time that is probably more than enough based on my personal risk level. However…

I am exploring options for carrying a larger firearm like a Glock 19. The primary reason is for additional capacity; 31 rounds with a spare G19 magazine or, better yet, 33 with a spare G17 magazine. Concealing this on my person is really not an option with my body size and shape. At least not without buying all new clothes. My current EDC bag will not carry a firearm this size easily so I am looking at other options (yes, I am almost as bad as my wife about carry bags). The MOAB 6 from 5.11 tactical looks like it might work pretty nicely for this and I may pick one up before too long.

MOAB 6 from 5.11 Tactical

I am switching the backpack I carry for work to a MOAB 10 for somewhat the same reason. I spend less time outside of my home office these days and don’t really need to carry as much stuff as I used to so the smaller bag is fine. As a plus it has a nice concealed carry pocket allowing me more flexibility. I can carry a second firearm in there or place my primary in there when I am concerned about printing while on the job.

I also picked up 4 one ounce silver coins. These really are not for my own preparations. They are for my grand kids. Every birthday and Christmas they each receive an ounce of silver from Pappa. I wish I could give them more or even give them gold but that is just not in the budget at this point. Nevertheless, that little bit of silver may be very important to them some day. Or, maybe it will just be something they can pass on to their kids.

Last item I picked up was some additional potassium iodide tablets. I already had enough on hand for my wife and I but with the additional supply I should be pretty close to having enough for the whole family.

Potassium Iodide


There are several nuclear reactors within a 200 mile radius of where we live. Should there be an issue with any of them I want to make sure we are able to have what we need to help prevent radiation poisoning and the associated cancers that follow. The Japanese government had a real challenge getting enough doses for everyone who needed them. For a few bucks, I know my family would be covered in such a situation.

How many reactors are within a 200 mile radius of your home?

Anyway, like I said it was surprisingly productive week. How about you? What did you prep this week?

God bless


5 thoughts on “What Did You Prep This Week?

  1. Bottle of Bourbon for that cough. It will help your lungs and allow you to sleep. If you don’t drink alcohol, a smaller bottle and dilute it with water, or tea, or coffee, anything. Under the covers and sweat it out. Chicken soup is good, it will allow the pleghems to run out into the toilet. Hope you are feeling better, and wear a hat.

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    1. 🙂

      I have had a lot of success with tea made from local honey. I have had this before and it starts as a head cold, drops into my chest, turns into Bronchitis and then, if I don’t get meds, turns into pneumonia. Doc says it is just part of getting old. I think if I get myself into better shape I’ll be better able to fight it off. So, today was my first day back on an exercise program. I took it super easy but I’ll gradually build on it.

      That’s the plan anyway. Not waiting for new years resolutions!

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    1. Excellent Gabe! I know what purification is still a real area of weakness for me. I’ll be getting serious about that soon.

      For some types of emergencies, like hurricanes, there is enough warning I can turn a bathtub into a giant water storage with one of the units made for that and I do have a supply of bottled water. I just found where I had saved the proportions for using bleach to sterilize surfaces, containers, and water. I have it electronically but I just printed it out as well in case the power is out…

      Hopefully this series will be an “iron sharpens iron” sort of thing. It is definitely helping me to prioritize and think about what I’m doing.

      God bless.


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