What Did You Prep This Week?

It’s been another busy week here both in terms of the holidays and in terms of being prepared.

Mixed in with all the normal holiday activities associated with a big family is a definite push to build up our food supply. As I have mentioned, Wonderful Wife tasked my with finding a way to have 90 days of food for our family, our whole family. Sixteen people ranging in age from a few weeks to over 80. That’s a lot of food!

As I have mentioned earlier, the approach I have decided on for storing this much food is to rely heavily on dried beans and rice stored in sealed mylar bags in 5 gallon (food safe) buckets. Over the last week we have filled four buckets total; two with rice and two with beans. I have a fifth bucket ready to go. I plan to fill that one with honey, sugar, seasonings and other incidentals. This will be a 90 day supply for my middle daughter and her family.

90 Food Supply for part of my family
90 Food Supply for part of my family

Once I have completed that set I’ll start on the next one.

By the way, Lowe’s has food grade buckets and Gamma lids at a reasonable price but check them if you order them. They gave me the wrongs ones (wrongs SKU) that were NOT food safe. I asked he to check the items and they found me the right ones.

I ordered a bag sealer online and when it arrived I knew there would be a problem. The box looked like it had been in one of those old Samsonite commercials. Sure enough the sealer is non-functional so I will have to return it. I am impatient so I will probably swing by a resale shop and pick up an old iron on the cheap and use that to seal the bags I have.

Two good points that my son in law brought up that I had not spent much time on; labeling the buckets and including instructions on portion control. I was able to make the labels pretty quickly but I’m still working on the “in case of emergency” instructions.

I made it out to the range to practice with an older SIGP250 that I had not used much of late. I used to be super accurate with that pistol but not so much anymore. If I am going to keep it and rely on it for self defense I need to get to the range with it a lot more often. The other option is to replace it with another Glock 19. I’d rather not spend the money on a new gun right now so…

The primary purpose of that range trip was to help my middle daughter select a carry gun. We took a collection of carry guns (Glock 42, Glock 43, Kahr CM9, S&W Shield) to the range and let her spend quite a bit of time with each one. Looks like she will join me on the dark side with a G43.

I also purchased a(nother)  Streamlight TLR weapon mounted light. Right now it is on the SIG P250. These were on sale for a really good price at Primary Arms and I have a couple more just like it that have served me well for a couple of years.

SIG P250 and StreamLight TLR

That’s it for me.

What did you prep this week?

God Bless


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