Ruger’s 10/22-based M1 Carbine Replica

It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I love the M1 carbine. It is one of my favorite rifles of all time. Unfortunately, money and availability of decent rifles have conspired to prevent me from owning one. I do have an old Marlin 989 M2 made back in the sixties as a .22 LR (sort of) replica of the M1 carbine.

Marlin Model 989 m2
Marlin Model 989 m2

It has served me well for a dew decades now but the guys over at Guns Holster and Gear recently revealed a new option for a .22 LR replica of the M1, this time from Ruger (and TALO) and based on the venerable 10/22 action!

Ruger10/22 M1 Carbine

With an MSRP of $415 this special edition is not cheap. But I have to say it will be towards the top of my 2016 wish list. Unless I can find a good deal on an original M1…

God Bless


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