What Did You Prep This Week?

After accomplishing quite a bit more than I expected to over the holidays this week has been a bit of a let down. Partially this is because we are really trying to watch the budget after Christmas so we can avoid falling into debt.

The sealer for mylar bags arrived. One look at the packaging and I knew there would be a problem. It looked like the gorilla from the old Samsonite commercials had spent some good quality time with it. Sure enough the thing was completely non-functional. I contacted the seller through Amazon and they promised a refund. Not willing to spin the online purchase roulette wheel again, I bought a $10 iron a local store. We’ll see how well that works here shortly.

On the same trip to the store for the iron I also picked up 20 lbs of rice. In a few weeks I hope to buy more buckets and this will be a good start at filling one.

I bought three Zebra pens for an upcoming trip to New York City. How is this related to preparedness? NYC, not to mention the flights to and back are non-permissive environments. I can’t carry even so much as a pocket knife. There are no laws against pens though and the Zebra pens are made of stainless steel. They can do inflict some pretty significant damage on flesh. Not ideal but better than harsh language.

The day before Obama’s announcement on his gun control efforts I found myself in a large sporting goods store. They were sold out of all the ammo I would be interested in as well as Glock 43s (my daughter decided on the 43 as a carry gun but we’ve not been able to find one for her). They did have three AK magazines left in stock. They are now mine.

Magpul AK Mags
Magpul AK Mags

That’s it, that all I was able to prep this week. How about you, what did you prep?

God Bless


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