Everything there is to know about knife fights (almost)

This is a pretty good overview. I highly encourage you to read it in full.

the street standards

When I was in the martial arts I saw a lot of silly things. Techniques that looked great in the empty air but wouldn’t stand a chance against someone actually trying to hurt you. Complex technique combinations that had no chance of actually being implemented in real life. Techniques that only seemed to work if you practiced them at less than full speed. Stuff that only “worked” against a compliant partner. You get the idea.

Very few things work against a person trying to really hurt you, going about it at full speed, in a frenzy, pumped up on illegal substances, who has surprised you, and is maybe bigger/younger/stronger/more-skilled/more-experienced than you.

You see a lot of the same silliness in the knife fighting arts.

Here’s just a few of the things to keep in mind if you study the knife for self-defense (and you should)

  • Any knife will cut and…

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