What Did You Prep This Week?

It was another good week and we are slowly inching forward towards our goals for preparedness and I really believe that these posts are helping with that. Sharing our weekly progress keeps these goals firmly in the forefront of my thoughts and, in the end, I get more done. Maybe I should start doing the same thing with my fitness goals and bible studies…

This wee we bought five additional five gallon buckets and lids. We also bought enough rice and beans (50 lbs each) to fill two buckets of each. They are now sealed and labeled. We added the final touches for the “extra bucket” for my middle daughter’s family. That bucket is filled with olive oil, sugar, powdered milk, honey, salt, seasonings, and some treats for the kids. I also wrote a set of instructions for how best to make use of the contents, storage life and even recipes. We also restocked out emergency pantry and rotated some items into the main pantry. All in all we are doing well in stocking up on food but we still have a long way to go.

My son-in-law was in need of some 9mm practice ammunition and found a good deal online but buying a whole case was a little beyond his budget. Although I really didn’t need it I chipped in and bought 500 rounds for myself. It was a good price, we will use it and it helped him get the what they needed so it was a good thing all around.

From a financial perspective we were able to add a little money to savings and are just about recovered from our overspending at Christmas. We came across a container of old change when cleaning a family member’s house. It was basically a big lump of corroded change. After soaking in vinegar and cleaning it up we found a couple of collectible pennies and forty or fifty copper pennies. They rest we wrapped and deposited in savings as well. It wasn’t much but it was “free.”

That’s it for me this week. What did you prep this week?

God bless.

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