What Did You Prep This Week?

We bought the supplies to finish the “extra” bucket for my son and his wife. We also bought five more pounds of red beans which is what they would prefer to have stocked since they eat those more than pinto beans or black beans. Unfortunately, red beans are more expensive than pintos so this may take another month or so to fill their last bucket.

Galco Stow-n-go and Ruger LCR
Galco Stow-n-go and Ruger LCR

I purchased a new holster for my wife and the Galco Stow-N-Go for me. I returned two other holsters that we purchased and didn’t like and used that money (plus a little more) to buy 200 rounds of 5.56 ammo. We are now at the inventory level I want to be so we’ll start working on building up our supply of 12 gauge small game shells next. Should be able to reach that goal in a couple of months.

200 rounds of 5.56
200 rounds of 5.56

I painted the back of the sights on two of my revolvers. The white paint makes for better visibility. I tested on my Ruger LCR since I had already ordered a fiber optic sight. The fiber optic sight from HiViz came in and I installed it on the LCR. It wasn’t hard but I am impatient so there is a little nick in the finish of the revolver…

Painted front sight
Painted front sight
HiViz fiber optic front sight on Ruger LCR
HiViz fiber optic front sight on Ruger LCR

I also bought a Ka-Bar TDI LDK (Last Ditch Knife) to test out:


That’s it for us. What did you prep this week?

God bless.

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