The Turning Away Of America

In studying the Bible I was always amazed at how the Israelites could be so blessed but within a few generations they would drift away from their principles and their God. Time and again their nation would fall into sin and darkness, ignoring the commandments and the God who had blessed them with a rich and prosperous land. After a few generations of suffering and pain they would regain their focus, they would return to God’s grace, and the whole cycle would start all over again.

I just didn’t get it. How could they forget what made the nation great and fall into sin over and over? How could they abandon their beliefs and principles after being repeatedly redeemed and blessed when they returned to them. To be honest, I still don’t get it…

…but I see it.

I see it happening around us everyday. The basic, core values our nation was founded on, that made us great, are being attacked and lost. It may have taken a few more generations before our fall but we are making the same mistakes as the Israelites. Our nation was founded on freedom; freedom for a man to make his own way without the limitations being held back by an aristocracy or a government. Freedom to control your own destiny rather than have it dictated to us.

By definition taking responsibility for our own lives also means assuming the risks and consequences of failure. An individual’s safety net consisted of his willingness to work, his family, friends and community (especially the church). No one was too big to fail. No one was immune to the consequences of his actions.

Freedom, self-determination, self-reliance and independence are the the core values that made America great. God, and our freedom to worship without the interference of the government made us even greater because it gave us the compassion and the moral basis to temper the hardness that can accompany independence.

We are losing them all.

Self-reliance is being replaced by reliance on the government to manage and dictate every aspect of our lives. From what we eat and drink, to who we can marry, to the terms of employment there is government regulation of just about everything we do. Privacy, in today’s digital, terror-filled world is a thing of the past. Due process is rapidly following suit. Just as the kings and aristocrats of old claimed, this is being done for the greater good because “they” know better how we should live our lives that we do. Sorry, stupid peasants we can’t decide if we should have large, sugary drinks, or use styrofoam containers or drink raw milk. Only the new aristocracy can determine how our land, water and resources can be used.

The American people are now the like unfaithful Israelites. Unless we listen to the “voices in the wilderness” and return to our core values we are headed for our own times of bondage and servitude. We will no longer be citizens. We will be subjects.

Can we, will we stand up and reclaim our promised land?

Only God knows.

Unfortunately, my hope and faith for this rebirth are fading daily. Nevertheless, I pray, everyday, that we will turn away from the path we are on. That we will turn back to our core values and back to God…

Will you join me?


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