Gun Sales

The numbers are now available from the FBI on the number of NICS background checks performed for January…

It was the busiest January ever.

2.55 million background checks. That’s over 47,000 more than during the January after Sandy Hook, previously the busiest January on record. With the election coming up and both Democratic candidates talking about “The Australian Model” which translates into the door to door confiscation of firearms I don’t see this slowing all that much.

Prior to the election of Obama the number of NICs checks in January had never exceeded 900,000 and averaged around 700,000. Since he was elected January numbers haven’t fallen below 1.1 million and have averaged 1.7 million. Over 135 million NICs checks have been performed during the Obama presidency. Compare this to the 92.9 million in all the years since the NICs system was implemented leading up to his presidency.

Now the obligatory disclaimer: NICS checks do not directly correlate with firearms purchases. There is one check per purchase not one per firearm so many checks cover the purchase of more than one firearm. Not all NICS result in an OK to purchase. Many states do not require NICS checks for those with valid carry permits. The number of NICS checks is generally several percentage points lower than the number of firearms actually purchased.

God bless.


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